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Apace Systems Corporation unveils High performance vStor Network Storage Systems for High End SD and HD Collaborate Video Editing

Orange, Calif., December 1st, 2004 - Apace Systems Corporation®, announces commercial availability of its Networked Storage v2000 vStor product line. The Company will demonstrate its v2000 system at DV Expo West conference in Los Angeles Convention Center, California from December 8-10, 2004 in its booth #145.

Apace System's vStor line is the highest performing and most compatible disk based Networked Storage System for multi-DV/SD/HD collaborative video editing that supports guaranteed latency over Gigabit Ethernet networks. Specifically, as a specialized NAS appliance, vStor is a file based shared video editing storage system, where it is optimized to offer the same access characteristics for storing and retrieving multiple video streams over LAN networks comparable to dedicated storage within editing workstations. As a result, without compromising editing workflow performance, additional flexibility to share and collaborate on SD, DV and HD content among multiple heterogeneous editing stations is offered. A typical networked editing installation comprising of one or many vStor(s) and multiple heterogeneous MAC, PC, Unix and Linux editing user stations can allow collaborative editing workflow that offers secure access, storage and sharing of users contents' over cost effective Gigabit Ethernet switch fabric. Each editing user as a part of a workgroup or subgroup can have allocated secure storage regions within vStor system(s) and over the network as his or her private or publicly shared storage pool. v2000 series offer 2TB or 3TB of Raid-5 protected storage while guarantying up to 7 concurrent uncompressed SD or compressed HD stream editing or up to 40 DV25 stream editing from the same system.

"For the past two years, our Company's focus has been to offer high performance Network Storage products such as vStor with guaranteed Quality of Service for Collaborative Video Editing. As an independent video storage company we assure that different editing software and hardware can co-exist over the same ubiquitous and cost effective Gigabit Ethernet Networks while leveraging from our systems as the common pool of storage. We offer cost competitive, high performance storage which allows affordable and practical sharing of video between heterogeneous editing environments," said Lee Hu President and CEO of Apace Systems.

Value-added flexibility from collaborative editing and information sharing is becoming more popular in the postproduction, graphics and special effects workgroups and is resulting in higher ROI realized from people and equipment increased efficiencies. vStor line does allow concurrent operation for AVID Xpress, Apple FCP, Adobe Premiere, Canopus Eduis HD, Sony Vegas, Pinnacle Systems Liquid, and other popular editing software with support over PC, MAC, Linux and Unix systems all from the same vStor system and at the same time and over the same LAN network.

" vStor offers competitive alternatives to Avid LanShare line in support of Avid centric installations, which will give the market place more choice," said Dong Xu VP of engineering at Apace Systems. "The vStor platform's value is in overcoming complex problems of supporting multiple uncompressed 8-bit SD and HD and 10-bit uncompressed SD stream manipulation without the need for Fibre Channel SANs via Gigabit Networks. Our customers prefer not to move to SAN if they can help avoid the complexity of cost, interoperability, incompatibility and management of SANs within their facilities. As an example, customers do not need to install costly XSAN for Final Cut Pro support to meet their SD and HD needs," Dong added.

vStor line comprises of v1000 and v2000 series, where historically v1000 series have been used for DV editing, while newly released v2000 offers the same benefit to SD and HD editing space. As editing traffic increases with time, new clients and/or more projects, multiple vStors can be added to scale performance and capacity. Customers have seamless access to scalable performance and storage by adding vStor systems as building blocks to their networks and pace their storage expansion needs with their budgets.

Apace Systems has aggressively started the process of offering its solution at the global level through its OEM and Video/Audio Reseller channel partners. vStor v1000/V2000 series have been installed and tested in several strategic partners' sites and is shipping in volume. vStor product line pricing starts from $9,995 at the MSRP level.

About Apace Systems Corporation

Apace Systems Corporation is a Network Storage Systems Manufacturer located in Orange, California. The company offers innovative network storage systems for video editing, archive and distribution. Apace Systems leverages its system expertise in standard open systems hardware, software and firmware to streamline media workflow management. The company offers two key product lines called vStor and eStor that are targeted for video editing and video archive, distribution space respectively. Company serves high growth postproduction, broadcast, special effects, media distribution, as well as other emerging media centric markets involving networked storage for Video, Audio, Graphics, Gaming and other Multimedia applications. For more information, visit the company's website at

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