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Apace Systems furthers Global Collaborative Media Products via its web based Media Asset Management "postMAM 2.0" and remote collaboration platform "ViEW"

NAB 2009
Booth #SL9426

ORANGE, Calif- April 15th, 2009 - Apace Systems Corporation®, a leading media workflow and storage solution provider for video, graphics and audio content creation, distribution and archive, announces immediate availability of its advanced postMAM 2.0 and ViEW system platform, an end-to-end workflow system suite for global collaboration, communication and rough cut editing using a browser.

Offering an integrated web 2.0 ready environment, Apace redefines global accessibility of media via it media asset management and video collaboration and rough cutting tools. The browser based tools offer a very user friendly interface making search/query and interacting with the media and communicating among editors and users intuitive and accessible from any IP node in the world.

The client node can use a web browser to receive streamed Flash content from any PC, MAC or smart mobile device. Editors and users with secure access can view playlists/Channels, comments on the content and communicate their feedback over the web instantly. Also, mobile audio and graphic commenting and logging is offered as option as well for computer-less production access. The objective of the workflow is to offer virtualized media access, search, interactive collaboration and peer to peer transport of content decoupling media from any physical location.

For postproduction workflows, the seamless integration of ingest, edit and proxy generation from the final cut of raw content, and having all media reside and be accessible from the centralized or distributed clusters of Apace hardware storage servers can tie creation and distribution of content together. The benefits in efficiency and cost savings are tremendous as editing, peer review, and approval process of media cuts are streamlined and instant. Editors can simply communicate, collaborate and rough cut at the timecode level on raw footage using a collaborative video editing process between different remote locations globally. A director, from field or a hotel, can directly access and offer editing instructions at video clips and timecode level to the head office, and drastically cutting down production time. Combined with Apace's postMAM media asset management, ViEW offers a virtualized video collaboration and communication workflow to streamline the process of upload, remote ingest, and edit raw footage via Internet so editors can collaborate anywhere around the world.

Apace Systems will showcase postMAM and ViEW at NAB 2009 at Apace booth #SL9426.

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Apace Systems is a leading media workflow and storage system manufacturer headquartered in Orange, California. The company offers innovative high-performance workflow and storage systems for collaborative editing, archive, media asset management and distribution of all media. Company serves high growth postproduction, broadcast, animation, schools, churches, and government media centric markets. Visit company's website at

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