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Apace Systems: Advances Media Workflows for Collaborative Global use of Video in Professional and Corporate Media Markets

NAB Show 2010, Booth SL1426

ORANGE, Calif., April 12th, 2010 - Apace Systems Corporation®, a leading media workflow and storage solution provider furthers its workflow reach by providing a collection of hardware/software workflow based products to enable global ingest, collaborative video editing, media storage consolidation, media asset management and remote access and rough cut video editing at the global scale.
Apace Web 2.0-based application and storage system platform, enable web browser based access over standard IP based networks enabling virtualized access, management and use of video and all other media of organizations at the global scale. Apace's approach assures compliance, interoperability and access not only with its LEGO block like product suite that also seamlessly ties third party workgroups and media tools from Avid, Apple, Harris, Grass Valley, Adobe, Sony, Panasonic, and others to each other. As such, Apace's tool suite can offer a workflow gateway to existing investment of customers in their workflows and consolidate silos of their media data centers together. This significant flexibility ensures best use if customer's existing investment in their workgroups and enhances efficiency and elevated used of their content across disk, tape based platforms for their favorite vendors across the globe.

Following list of product lines from Apace assures the needed building blocks to assure global scale collaborative use of media content by all organizations:
a) Project Level Management (interWorks)
- P2/XDCAM ingester
- Interoperable workflows between Avid, FCP, Adobe, etc.
b) Media Asset Management
- Global Access MAM (postMAM),
- Remote rough cut video edit (ViEW)
- MAM controlled media backup to Tape
- MAM controlled media for application services such as (Transcode, Watermark, etc.)
c) Storage Media Management
- Media consolidation workflow (Octopa) d) Gateway Storage appliance
- Real-time video editing storage (vStor),
- Near- line NAS (eStor)

As a complete integrated solution, Apace network storage server appliance house needed Apace Client/Server software for storage consolidation, media asset management and project level management to provide the global workflow glue for the rest of the organizations media needs. Given its diverse and flexible product and technology portfolio Apace has embarked on offering tailored bundles of these solution platforms for a variety of markets that address IP based consumption of media from any ingest to distributed access from any IP based workstation, mobile PC, Phone and emerging specialty devices such as iPAD enabling an extensive reach to content from B-to-B to B-to-C use of video and other media markets.

Apace Systems will showcase its integrated workflows at NAB 2010 Las Vegas Nevada, April 12-15th, 2010, at Apace booth #SL1426.

About Apace Systems Corporation
Apace Systems is a leading media workflow and storage system manufacturer headquartered in Orange, California offering innovative high-performance workflow and storage systems for collaborative editing, archive, media asset management and distribution of all media for postproduction, broadcast, animation, schools, churches, and government and corporate media centric markets. Visit the company's website at

Apace Systems Corporation
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