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Apace targets media Big Data with Unstructured Search for Media (USM) data machines

Apace targets media Big Data with Unstructured Search for Media (USM) data machines

Running on Apace Storage clusters, USM elevates Apace storage to an intelligent Data Machine with built in automated data management

NAB2013, Booth SL12113

2013 NAB Show

ORANGE, Calif (Business Wire)-- Apace Systems Corporation®, an innovative media management, workflow and storage product manufacturer for media content creation, distribution and archive, announces Unstructured Search for Media (USM), a new class of big data private search platform with intelligent automation for cataloging media and media structures. USM offers several tiers of intelligent media search inclusive of all media file names, associated metadata and project files for Avid, Apple and Adobe, plus collaborative user commenting on media data and beyond.

As the amount of stored media data grows exponentially, large scale management of data needs intelligent media storage machines optimized for media search that are scalable, fast and continuously improving search results through data cataloging automation, user input and multi-tier search of media data structure down to project and workspace level.

As a result of running USM on each Apace storage server node, its content are auto-cataloged and each node becomes an intelligent data machine. Due to parallel search and index per storage node, the process of prepping and finding material allows for scalability of search to Petabytes with no search choke point. Big media data which can reach hundreds of millions of digital objects distributed in different storage silos benefit from USM intelligent automation to eliminate sole reliance on human operator involvement to import and index media assets into an asset management environment. USM offers a pre-import media cataloging stage that is automated for all media landing on its storage cluster. Most importantly, collaborative global user commenting is offered to allow for improvement in search results on media data. USM unstructured search will intelligently find the best media matches per search criteria and can process media proxy generation on demand of user offering transcode as needed.

Apace Systems showcases its technology at NAB 2013 at Apace booth #SL12113.

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Apace Systems is an innovative media management, workflow and storage system manufacturer headquartered in Orange, California. Apace offers innovative software and hardware systems to efficiently process, store and manage media data. Company serves high growth postproduction, broadcast, schools, churches, corporate and government media related markets. Visit the company's website at

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