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Apace Systems' Network Storage Systems Support Collaborative Video Editing for Final Cut Pro Platforms

Orange, Calif., April 11th, 2005 - Apace Systems Corporation®, a leading storage solutions provider for video, announced that its vStor network storage line can support Final Cut Pro (FCP) editing software for cost effective collaborative editing. Video editing workgroups based on Legacy OS9 to latest OS X G5 workstations can all get connected to vStor systems via Gigabit Ethernet (GE) as their common network storage pool. Ideal for DV, HDV, SD and compressed HD editing, FCP editing stations can now leverage vStor file based network storage for multi-stream, real-time editing over low cost LAN.

Inherent to existing Gigabit Ethernet LAN infrastructure, is its ease of network management, yet powerful connectivity that can be leveraged to allow network storage access via vStor without a need for SAN. Result is low cost of installation where there is no need for specialty hardware or software upgrades to client editing machines and new connectivity fabrics, offering an alternative to XSAN based deployments with legacy OS9 and OS X support. "Our objective is to offer a comprehensive network storage support for all existing and new MAC based FCP video editing installations and assure easy migration for collaborative multi-user video editing workgroups. Leveraging from existing IT knowledge at user sites, in less than 15 minute and without compromising on performance, productivity, and scalability, users can have their vStor plugged into the Ethernet network and start sharing and storing information between their client nodes," said Dr. Lee Hu, President of Apace systems Corporation.

vStor storage systems come in v1000 and v2000 series. v1000 is ideal for DV workflows ideal for low to mid-range of the market. The v2000 series covers larger installations that need to serve uncompressed SD, HDV, and compressed HD up to 8 uncompressed SD, 11 compressed HD or 40 DV25 workflow ideal for mid-high end of the market. Ranging in capacity from 1.5 to 8 Terra Bytes, editors access vStor as they would their local workstation drives in FCP, directly capturing, rendering, retrieving and sharing media content over the network with RAID protection. Apace network storage benefits users with sharing, collaboration, productivity improvement and data protection. By sharing media files, editors can reduce great amount of total storage requirement without replicating the content at their local machines or directly-attached storage (DAS). Further, by accessing the latest result from their peers, they can significantly improve productivity. Also, vStor systems offer a security management layer for project managers to allow FCP generated projects and files to be securely accessed and protected per pre-designated rights of usage and to have a centralized way for virus control and protect user's work. Each user, as part of a workgroup or subgroup, can access private and/or public shared secure storage within the system. Lastly, any non-editing users on the network can conveniently review video content from anywhere within the secured networks via QuickTime. Apace network storage is very flexible to work with different OS' and editing software concurrently and you can choose whatever platform and applications.

Apace Systems will demonstrate its products at NAB 2005 in the Las Vegas Convention Center, April 18-21, 2005, at its booth #SL4037.

Apace Systems now offers its aggressively priced solution globally through its OEM and Video/Audio Reseller channel partners. vStor v1000/V2000 series have been installed and tested in several strategic partners' sites and is shipping in volume. vStor product pricing begins at $9,995 MSRP.

About Apace Systems Corporation

Apace Systems Corporation is a Network Storage Systems Manufacturer located in Orange, California. The company offers innovative high-performance network storage systems for video editing, archive, and distribution. Apace Systems leverages its system expertise in systems hardware and software to streamline media workflow management. The company offers two key product lines called vStor and eStor that target for video editing, video archive and distribution space respectively. Company serves high growth postproduction, broadcast, special effects, rendering farm, animation, game, media distribution, as well as other emerging media centric markets involving networked storage for Video, Audio, Graphics, Gaming and other Multimedia applications. For more information, visit the company's website at

Apace Systems Corporation
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