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Apace introduces Facial AI and transcription for media asset management (postMAM)

— New addition of Facial AI and transcription will greatly improve efficiency for Apace Media Production Management Platform

Orange, CA. — Apace, a leading cloud-based media workflow software solution provider, announces availability of Facial AI and transcription for automated media ingest and search. The tools enhance Apace's existing production media asset management (postMAM) ecosystem at edge and/or in cloud. Specifically, the new tools automatically generate searchable faces /people and text from audio to address the issue of finding and retrieving media efficiently of very large scale and geo-diversified dataset on heterogeneous storage systems or cloud.

Apace optimized media workflow and management tools address market pain point of costly ingesting and allow user collaboration, search and access from anywhere. The workflow solution is further streamlined for remote editing of video from anywhere as well as support of mobile based media capture and access.

"Automated cataloging of media will greatly improve efficiency and effectiveness of media access and collaboration," said Dr. Lee President and CTO of Apace.

Facial AI and transcription of speech are two most common search criteria and work hand in hand. They can effectively eliminate the complexity and costly indexing media to allow search down to timecode of a video and still frames. We also provide manual editing/ correction capability for challenge audio applications and comments.

The tools save time tremendously and help improve quality of production. It scales well for very large dataset and concurrently processes with GPU and/or clustering.

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Apace is a leading production workflow and media asset and projects management vendor in Orange, California. Apace offers innovative solutions to efficiently search, store and access media data at the global scale. The company serves high growth professional broadcast, production, education, government and corporate media markets. Visit Apace at


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