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Apace AI-assisted media access and collaboration workflows, offering up to 90% cost savings of optimized tiered cloud storage

Let archived institutional memory work for you

Orange, CA — Apace, a leading provider of media workflow and cloud services solutions, is delighted to announce its latest release - an access and collaborative workflow designed for the most economical access to all your cloud media data. Built on Apace's Cloud Channels, this service is tailored to intelligently manage deep archives of media data with efficiency and precision. Raw media data within the deep archive undergoes AI-driven scanning, enabling users to access and collaborate on timelines and frames from anywhere, all while benefiting from the reliability, scalability, and cost advantages of storage and egress. Simultaneously, users retain the ability to extract selected raw data with a single click when necessary.

The workflow addresses the fundamental issues of quick access, search, annotate and use of secured cloud services at a fractional cost.

Video media is the fastest-growing category of data in enterprises. Organizations have petabytes in deep archives that are protected but not readily usable. It is lost resources and business value as important institutional memory and experience. The ability to quickly find specific content from millions board meetings, sales/marketing calls, training webinars, design and support meetings helps key competitive edge.

Apace's automated AI-based cataloging of video, audio, and image data simplifies media collaboration and effectiveness at scale. It helps you make the best use of your data and cloud resources.

A free trial of Apace Cloud Channels is available at


Apace is a leading vendor for production workflows, media asset management, and project management in Orange, California. Apace offers innovative solutions to efficiently search, store, and access media data on a global scale. The company serves high-growth media markets, including professional broadcast, production, education, government, and enterprise sectors. Visit Apace at


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