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Apace Systems Launches "UI Offload" a Seamless and high Performance Disk Based Archival and workflow resilience solution to complement Unity and ISIS storage

Orange, Calif., April 12th, 2007 - Apace Systems Corporation®, a leading storage solutions provider for video, audio and other media content, announced immediate availability of its UI offload solution suite offering an end-to-end automated workflow for fast archive and retrieve of content to and from Avid's enterprise storage products and an alternative real-time editing workflow during the downtime of Unity and ISIS.

UI offload Solution suite comprises of an 18TB RAID-6 protected high performance enterprise class Apace Network Storage system and a web based software suite targeted to manage the entire data migration between Avid storage and Apace Systems' disk based Archival storage platform and to support an alternative independent workflow over Multi-GE or 10GE LAN. Apace offered archival workflow is complementary to existing Avid workgroups and build upon what is there to offer a compelling near-line archival and off-load workflow for the Avid installations.

The need for such an archival tool stems from ever-growing content size during work-in-process or interim to longer term archive of aged content without comprising availability and access of content by users and instant recovery from Unity/ ISIS failure disruption. As such, disk based network storage can offer an optimum solution with the most flexible reach over LAN. With Apace UI Offload platform, customers are offered the needed solution in a form of an intelligent workflow with associated hardware/software suite targeted for needed video archive and management. Customers can easily migrate their content to lower cost and higher resilience storage while shrinking backup and retrieve window for a true near-line access to their data. Further, it gives an independent workflow for real-time editing directly off the UI Offload systems. Lastly, UI Offload provides a general access for any PCs on Ethernet to play back directly from the system. Apace Systems' networked storage and its intelligent software tools effectively offer a comprehensive Disk-to -Disk archival management flow to media content in support current Avid installations. Apace has successfully deployed its UI offload platform at leading broadcasters such as Trinty Broadcast Networks.

The following are key advantages of the offered approach for archive:

• Workflow resilience enhancement to Unity/ISIS by creating an alternative workflow independent from both Unity/ISIS systems and their inter-connectivity FC fabric. It supports XpressPro, Adrenaline and Nitris with formats like DNxHD 145.

• Ubiquitous real-time playback from any PCs on the Ethernet.

• Lower cost of deployment in terms of $/GB, via off-loading more expensive Avid primary storage to lower cost Apace platform.

• Consolidated approach to archive at the disk level and one-click to restore of the content.

• Intelligent and format aware software for archive of media and in specific OMF and MXF media formats for video

• Intelligent decision tools to review and access content prior to plan for data migration

• Up to 400MB/s of parallel access throughput per Apace Near-line storage system lowering archive and retrieve windows. Offering unlimited scalability in terms of performance and added capacity by adding more Apace Near-Line storage via Ethernet.

• Seamlessly scalable platform with availability of single view multi-system management user interface for very large scale disk based back up installation.

• Usage of Multi-GE and 10GE connectivity stretching access possibilities for content via Apace near-line storage at the local and wide area networks

• Highest level of content protection offered via RAID-6 protection of data at the near-line disk level(recovery from two simultaneous disk failure), offering protection for AVID RAID-0 (striping) or eliminating the need for RAID-1 (replicating) configuration on primary storage, saving space and cost by better utilizing Avid' primary storage space on Unity and ISIS

• Users do not have to forego Tape backup but inter-dependency to cumbersome tape retrieval process is eliminated.

• Offered WAN FTP access as well as stream playback directly from Apace Near-line storage, expanding content access and reach to all LAN and WAN users in an installation

• Interoperability with other applications such as Heterogeneous Video and Audio editing client nodes, Transcoders, Graphics/rendering nodes and any PC, MAC, Linux, Unix, Solaris, platform with LAN/WAN access to the network that Apace IP based Near-line platform resides on.

Apace Systems will demonstrate its products at NAB 2007 in the Las Vegas Convention Center, April 16-19th, 2007, at its booth #SL10326.

Apace Systems now offers its aggressively priced solution globally through its OEM and Video/Audio Reseller channel partners.

About Apace Systems Corporation

Apace Systems Corporation is a Network Storage Systems Manufacturer and Intelligent Media Content management workflow solution provider located in Orange, California. The company offers innovative high-performance network storage systems for video editing, archive, and distribution. Apace Systems leverages its system expertise in systems hardware and software to streamline media workflow management. Company serves high growth postproduction, broadcast, special effects, rendering farm, animation, game, media distribution, as well as other emerging media centric markets involving networked storage for Video, Audio, Graphics, Gaming and other Multimedia applications. For more information, visit the company's website at

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